Yamaha Four Stroke 6Y8 Gauge Advantage

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'Oils ain't Oils' was the marketing slogan used by Castrol in the 1980's and today I still relate to it when comparing products; this slogan rings true when comparing gauges for outboards and this article aims to highlight the difference, but more importantly the advantage, of the Yamaha 6Y8 Command Link gauges compared to the Yamaha 6Y5 standard digital gauges.

Consumers in the modern market are largely driven by price, this is certainly the case with new outboard sales and it is our opinion that, this results in some customers purchasing associated products for their new outboards that reduce the customer experience on the water. I refer to the fact that Yamaha Motor offer a range of gauges for their outboard lineup some being what I refer to as 'legacy' gauges carrying on from the day of two stroke outboard technology.

The 'legacy' gauges or more correctly termed 6Y5 digital gauges are compatible with both two and four stroke outboards, include in kit form both the Tacho (rpm) and Speedo but further providing information such as engine hours, trim, overheat alert, low oil pressure alert, trip, clock, voltage and fuel level indicator. The gauges store the information such as hours in the gauge and they are wired by traditional wiring system.

Now many will ask, what more do I need from my outboard gauges? Well the modern boater or fisherman is always wishing to explore waters further from home and discussion around fuel usage, range and economy is in every new sale conversation. The truth is that all Yamaha four stroke outboards from 25hp to 425hp sold new in 2019 on-wards measure and know this information each time the engine is running - that is correct, the new outboards have the information, you are looking to purchase a smart outboard. So we ask you, if the new outboard you are purchasing has the capability to answer all your fuel information questions, live on the water, if sold with the gauges that will display the information are you happy to miss out for less than $250?

Gauges ain't gauges! At Stones Corner Marine we ask you to keep an open mind when shopping, we ask you to compare apples for apples, we ask you to visit our dealership or call us to discuss the right and best package for you - remember if purchasing the cheapest package you may only be seeing yourself off, some retailers aren't as passionate as we are about the on water experience and technology at hand.

The features of the 6Y8 Command Link gauges include: Tacho (rpm), trim, oil pressure,engine hours, trip hours, voltage, temperature, maintenance notice, overheat alert, low oil pressure alert, low battery voltage alert, water in fuel alert, check engine alert, troll speed adjustment (some models), Speedo, trip, clock, fuel level indicator, fuel flow, fuel consumption, fuel economy.

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