Bar Crusher 535C - Cuddy

Bar Crusher 535C - Cuddy

Designed as an all-round fishing boat, the 535C is a superbly engineered rig ideal for freshwater, estuary, bay and inshore coastal boating. It's perfect for those who are looking for a mid-sized cuddy cabin in a compact, easy-to-tow and easy-to-store package.

Wide side decks and good internal depth ensures everyone feels secure when out on the water, whether snapper fishing on the bay or running out to the reef. The cuddy cabin offers the kids some protection from the elements and provides a safe place to stow gear out of the weather.

Whatever fishing you're into, the 535C can handle it. If you regularly berley-up to fish for snapper, an electric motor winch will make life a whole lot easier. If your trolling lures for trout in an alpine lake one week, then jigging for kingfish the next, a bow mount electric motor is a good option to push you along silently or hold your position on the reef.

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  • Features

    Waveslicer - a deep v non-pounding hull paired with the GEN2 hull design and Delta Flare offers great all-round performance.

    Rigideck - is the toughest hull building system in the world. The super-strong sub-floor framing system maximizes hull strength and minimizes flex.

    Quickflow - water ballast system delivers excellent stability at rest.

    Forward hatch - allows easy access to the bow. The alloy hinged door is big enough for a tall adult to easily get through.

    Deck Grip - non-slip deck grip pads are installed the full lengths of both side decks. The deck grip is applied with high-quality adhesive for permanent installation.

    Side Pocket Storage - runs the full length of the cockpit on both sides of the boat. Ideal for bait rods, tagpoles, gaffs. nets, fenders, and other gear. High-grade marine carpet along the bottom of each pocket to prevent gear banging around when underway.

    Positive Flotation - full-length air buoyancy chambers even further increase the safety factor of every Bar Crusher boat. The fully welded and sealed deck ensures complete peace of mind on the water.

    Baitboard - sturdy baitboard with rod holders and integrated drink holders, the baitboard is interchangeable with an optional ski pole.

    Berley Bucket - and strong aluminium muncher is mounted in the rear platform/marlin board of every boat.

    Heavy Duty Ladder - the heavy-duty boarding ladder allows easy access into and out of the boat. Solid alloy construction, flip-up/flip-down, firmly secured via a mounting bracket welded to a marlin board.

  • Specifications

    Bottom sheet 4 mm
    Side sheet 3 mm
    Length (LOA) 5.35 m
    Beam 2.15 m
    Max HP 100
    People 5

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