Bar Crusher 670HT - Hard Top

Bar Crusher 670HT - Hard Top

Bar Crusher's 670HT is one of the most popular and versatile models in the hardtop range.

Delivering exactly what serious angles demand, this ultra-tough Fishing Weapon will handle everything you and the ocean with throw at it. Whether heading offshore chasing marlin and tuna, jigging for kingfish, or chasing snapper over inshore reefs, the 670HT will get you there (and back) - quickly, safely and in comfort.

Built on Bar Crusher's proven offshore hull, the 670HT can go anywhere. With its toughened safety glass windscreen delivering a 360-degree view from the helm, and huge cockpit fishing area with Game Lock coaming creating a comfortable fish-fighting platform, it's the fishing weapon of choice among many experienced anglers...and, of course, it's earned the title of Australia's Greatest Boat

The stealth bomber-like appearance of the 670HT is matched by its ability. As a base package, it's ready for serious action. For night fishing, hard top-mounted LED lighting is a worthwhile addition, as is a saltwater deck wash for when the broadbill swordfish comes onboard. Or, if you drop the pick to fish, an electric anchor winch is a good option. You'll have your 670HT for a long time, so personalise to suit you.

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  • Features

    Waveslicer - a deep v non-pounding hull paired with the GEN2 hull design and Delta Flare offers great all-round performance.

    Rigideck - is the toughest hull building system in the world. The super-strong sub-floor framing system maximizes hull strength and minimizes flex.

    Quickflow - water ballast system delivers excellent stability at rest

    Forward hatch - allows easy access to the bow. the alloy hinged door is big enough for a tall adult to easily get through.

    Hard Top - Stylish and functional hard top with full-height and tinted safety glass windscreen proving an unobstructed 360-degree view. Nothing beats a hard top for protection from the elements, especially in big sea, chasing big fish.

    Deck Grip - non-slip deck grip pads are installed the full lengths of both side decks. The deck grip is applied with high-quality adhesive for permanent installation.

    Side Pocket Storage - runs the full length of the cockpit on both sides of the boat. Ideal for bait rods, tagpoles, gaffs. nets, fenders, and other gear. High-grade marine carpet along the bottom of each pocket to prevent gear banging around when underway.

    Positive Flotation - full-length air buoyancy chambers even further increase the safety factor of every Bar Crusher boat. the fully welded and sealed deck ensures complete peace of mind on the water.

    Bait board - sturdy bait board with rod holders and integrated drink holders. bait board is interchangeable with an optional ski pole.

    Berley Bucket - and strong aluminium muncher is mounted in the rear platform/marlin board of every boat.

    Heavy Duty Ladder - the heavy-duty boarding ladder allows easy access into and out of the boat. Solid alloy construction, flip-up/flip-down, firmly secured via a mounting bracket welded to a marlin board.

  • Specifications

    Bottom sheet 5 mm
    Side sheet 4 mm
    Length (LOA) 6.7 m
    Beam 2.35 m
    Max HP 200
    People 6

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