Bar Crusher 615WR - Walk Around

Bar Crusher 615WR - Walk Around

Bar Crusher's 615WR is a classic centre-console T-top boat that's ready for anything.

Whether casting lures, trolling live baits or fighting a decent fish right around the boat, this super-tough sports fishing rig is all business. Its walk-around versatility makes the 615WR equally popular up north as it is down south.

When travelling long distances on the road, the pivoting T-top folds back into the boat for a more aerodynamic tow height. On the water, the addition of a set of clears creates a comfortable a dry area behind the console when screaming back to the ramp in 20kt of breeze.

The huge centre console allows flush-mount installation of large screen marine electronics. Install another unit on the bow, with the bow-mount electric motor, or upgrade to the long-range fuel tank for extended offshore trips. Maximize your 615WR by personalizing it to suit you.

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  • Features

    Waveslicer - a deep v non-pounding hull paired with the GEN2 hull design and Delta Flare offers great all-round performance.

    Rigideck - is the toughest hull building system in the world. The super-strong sub-floor framing system maximizes hull strength and minimizes flex.

    Quickflow - water ballast system delivers excellent stability at rest.

    Deck Grip - non-slip deck grip pads are installed the full lengths of both side decks. The deck grip is applied with high-quality adhesive for permanent installation.

    Side Pocket Storage - runs the full length of the cockpit on both sides of the boat. Ideal for bait rods, tagpoles, gaffs. nets, fenders, and other gear. High-grade marine carpet along the bottom of each pocket to prevent gear banging around when underway.

    Positive Flotation - full-length air buoyancy chambers even further increase the safety factor of every Bar Crusher boat. The fully welded and sealed deck ensures complete peace of mind on the water.

    Baitboard - sturdy bait board with rod holders and integrated drink holders, the bait board is interchangeable with an optional ski pole.

    Berley Bucket - and strong aluminium muncher is mounted in the rear platform/marlin board of every boat.

    Heavy Duty Ladder - the heavy-duty boarding ladder allows easy access into and out of the boat. Solid alloy construction, flip-up/flip-down, firmly secured via a mounting bracket welded to a marlin board.

  • Specifications

    Bottom sheet 4 mm
    Side sheet 4 mm
    Length (LOA) 6.15 m
    Beam 2.25 m
    Max HP 150
    People 6

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