Ram Brackets Providing Sounder Mounting Solutions

Stones Corner Marine Ram Bracket Mount

Marine electronics play such important role in modern fishing techniques and the size of the modern sounder or GPS being fitted to boats is getting larger with the average size nearing nine inches. It is also becoming more common to fit not one but two units to a boat; the problem is that a lot of boats have limited space in which to mount these larger units or multiple units.

RAM brackets offer solutions to modern installation of marine electronics by means of being able to be mounted to either vertical or horizontal surfaces. Ram Brackets also enable a unit to be rotated, swung or spaced out from their mounting point which can assist with tight dashes or offer the user the ability to view the screen from different angles.

RAM brackets are thoroughly engineered and tested to withstand the toughest conditions for both freshwater and saltwater applications and are designed to fit various product lines from manufacturers including Garmin and Humminbird.

At Stones Corner Marine we supply and fit both the ball joint and swing arm designed RAM brackets; the ball joint design is common in applications using five to seven inch units whereas the swing arm design is required for the units eight inches and larger.

It is suggested that if you are considering new electronics for your boat that you explore the RAM bracket range as the benefits a RAM bracket may offer you could be the difference between a great result and disappointment.

All popular RAM brackets are carried in stock at Stones Corner Marine and we are located in Brisbane at 117 Old Cleveland Road Stones Corner (Greenslopes). For more information contact the store on 07 33979766 or email info@stonescornemarine.com.au