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16 December 2019
There is a lot of data out there these days on the fuel economy of different boat and motor combinations.
12 December 2019
Fishing is a personal thing. If you asked a group of fishermen why they head out, you may get many different replies.
25 November 2019
Costs quickly stack up when you're purchasing a new boat… The cost of the hull alone can range into the tens of thousands, not to mention purchasing a trailer and registering...
4 November 2019
Knowing the details of your Yamaha outboard is very important when wishing to order spare parts and ensure the parts supplied are correct.
29 October 2019
Buying a new boat is a big decision for anybody and the one thing that you will find out very quickly is that there is no perfect boat to suit...
21 October 2019
'Oils ain't Oils' was the marketing slogan used by Castrol in the 1980's and today I still relate to it when comparing products; this slogan rings true when comparing gauges...
12 October 2019
I recently did a trip to North Queensland on a fishing holiday with my family.
10 October 2019
Stones Corner Marine is not only Brisbane’s longest serving marine dealership it is one of the most awarded dealers.
13 September 2019
As the name suggests the Sea Jay Creek Masta range is the perfect fishing boat for mastering creeks, estuaries, rivers and the fresh water impoundments; the range is available in...
6 September 2019
Marine electronics play such important role in modern fishing techniques and the size of the modern sounder or GPS being fitted to boats is getting larger with the average size...
30 August 2019
Humminbird Helix sounders are well known for their amazing side imaging technology that estuary anglers swear by in shallow waters.
26 August 2019
Stones Corner Marine attended the 2019 Brisbane Boat Show with a comprehensive display of Bar Crusher and Sea Jay aluminium boats.
25 August 2019
Sea Jay Boats have been manufacturing aluminium boats in Bundaberg Queensland for thirty years, their range covers car toppers to hard tops and in between there is an abundance of...
19 August 2019
Mounting and security of your electric motor is important as these highly desirable items are often an easy target for thieves.
30 April 2018
Over the last few months I have been fishing offshore out of my home base of Brisbane.