Why an outboard motor cover can be a smart investment in the longevity of your boat

Stones Corner Marine Yamaha Vented Cover

Costs quickly stack up when you're purchasing a new boat…

The cost of the hull alone can range into the tens of thousands, not to mention purchasing a trailer and registering and insuring the whole package, inclusions like fish finders, electric motors and entertainment systems can inflate costs, leaving a stretched bank account from the purchase of your new toy.

With all this outlay of money, it’s easy to downplay the importance of boat protection for the long term.

This is where the outboard motor cover comes in..

Although new boat owners can be wary of spending the extra money, a well-made outboard motor cover is one of the most important purchases for protecting your investment for years to come.

At Stones Corner Marine, we stock outboard motor covers specifically designed for Yamaha outboards. The hard-wearing outer polyester cover will protect your Yamaha from all situations and conditions thrown at you while off the coast; saltwater and UV rays, rod and sinkers knocks and fish blood are kept at bay, while your brand-new engine stays clean and protected underneath. The covers 380gsm felt backing adds to the protection, while the hem and buckle fastening allows for a snug fit over your engine cowling.

Outboard motor covers ensure your engine will be looking and performing its best, long after you’ve driven your boat off the lot, and the added protection will increase your boats sale value if you ever decide to upgrade.

Also, outboard motor covers can be cheaper than you think…

We have a large range of vented outboard motor covers and can accommodate outboards from F25’s all the way up to the F200’s with prices starting from as low as $84.90. We have the outboard motor cover to protect your boat.

Sometimes spending a little extra money can feel counter-intuitive but going the extra mile and investing in a good quality outboard motor cover, can protect your initial outlay of money and the appearance and longevity of your boat for the future.

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