Securing your Electric Motor

Kovix Electric Motor Lock 1

Mounting and security of your electric motor is important as these highly desirable items are often an easy target for thieves. There are two methods of mounting your electric motor whether it is a Minn Kota electric motor or similar the options are the same that is by directly bolting the motor to the mounting pad on the boat or mounting to a quick release base that that in turn is mounted to the mounting pad.

Now if your electric motor is mounted directly to the mounting pad the likelihood of a theft is reduced as it will take some time to unbolt, time a thief is probably not willing to spend. The disadvantage with mounting directly to the mounting pad on your boat is that you cannot access under the electric motor to wash off the salt and dirt that will make its way under during use, likely resulting in paint and or aluminium damage as time passes.

The most common mounting method of an electric motor is by use of the manufacturers quick release base as this allows the electric motor to be placed on or removed from the boat as required whether that be for cleaning, safe storage, to fit a travel cover or simply to be left at home as it might not be required each time the boat is used.  The risk with quick release though is security from theft because as the name suggests this method is quick release meaning it can be taken from the boat quickly.

The good news for securing your electric motor is that the quick release mounting system by Minn Kota allows for a locking device and a company named Kovix has designed a lock specifically for Minn Kota’s quick release mounting bracket. This lock is manufactured from stainless steel for strength and durability, has a plastic weather proof cap to keep water and dust out of the key barrel and has a solid 5,5mm locking pin that is enclosed in the device to secure the bracket. This lock is far stronger than the common pad lock and designed not to be penetrable.

The Kovix electric motor lock model is KOMS and it retails for $34.95 and is available at Stones Corner Marine, Brisbane, for further information please call the dealership on 07 33979766