What year model is my Yamaha outboard?

yamaha id plate stones corner marine v3

Knowing the details of your Yamaha outboard is very important when wishing to order spare parts and ensure the parts supplied are correct. Everyday our staff deal with customers on the phone or over the counter regarding spare parts and the first thing we need to do is correctly identify your outboard.

Yamaha outboards are fitted with an identification plate (see main picture) on the port side engine mount bracket; this is the bracket that mounts the outboard to the transom of your boat. The outboard plate displays the model code, shaft length, serial number and older models also a quick reference letter that reflects 'production year' reference. Modern outboards do not show the quick reference letter.

The best way and the way in which a dealer will identify 'production year' is by entering the serial number into the Yamaha system and cross check the details with the model code. Remember this is 'production year' not year model compliance by warranty registration.

If you have an older outboard and wish to use the quick reference details, please find the guide below:

Quick reference letter guide:

D - 1990, C - 1991, B - 1992, A - 1993, Z - 1994, Y - 1995, X - 1996, W - 1997, V - 1998, U - 1999

T - 2000, S - 2001, R - 2002, Q - 2003, P - 2004, N - 2005, K - 2006, J - 2007, H - 2008, G - 2009

F - 2010, D - 2011, C - 2012, B - 2013, A - 2014, Z - 2015, Y - 2016, X - 2017

Keep in mind there is various models of outboards in similar horse power groups so knowing just the year reference is not enough to look up a spare part; for example in the twenty year period 1997 to 2017 40hp models included:


What this means is you require two parts of information to order parts correctly - model and production year.

If you require further help with identifying your Yamaha outboard please contact our spare parts team on 07 33979766 or visit our dealership in Brisbane - 117 Old Cleveland Road Stones Corner (Greenslopes).