Next generation features, next generation styling, original reliability. Yamaha’s all-new, V6 Offshore series takes the proven 4.2 litre engine platform to the next level by incorporating technological advancements previously only seen on Yamaha’s flagship V8 425hp XTO. The new F225 not only looks good with it's more aggressive styling, but comes with Yamaha's Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust system, which delivers increased prop grip and thrust for improved maneuvering in docking situations and reversing up to your next big catch.    Another cool feature is the new Total TiltTM system which allows the outboard to fully tilt up and down from any position, with a simple double push of the Up or Down Tilt buttons. This not only makes operation easier, but the new mounting bracket system allows the engine to sit higher out of the water when not in use, for improved long-term durability and protection.  When combined with Yamaha’s Helm Master EX control system, the new V6 Offshore 225 delivers a boating and fishing experience unlike any else on the water. 

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  • Features

    • Yamaha’s Shift Dampener System (SDS) propellers greatly reduce the noise associated with shifting an engine in and out of gear by absorbing the forces generated when forward and reverse gears are engaged.
    • Prop choice makes a huge difference to outboard acceleration, top-end speed, handling and fuel efficiency. That is why Yamaha continues to push the technological boundaries in the design and development of our leading range of high performance props - ensuring every Yamaha outboard performs at its peak.   
    • These stainless-steel propellers are renowned for their durability and superior mid-range fuel efficiency on large offshore boats - while their excellent anti-ventilation characteristics deliver improved handling in rough seas. This prop incorporates Yamaha's Shift Dampener System (SDS) for quieter and smoother shifting.
    • The all-new, low profile Yamaha Command Link CL5 touchscreen display is small in size but big on information, features and capability.
    • The all new back-lit engine Start and Stop switch panels offer a slim, space-saving, push button design and modern look. These new panels take up very little space, allowing more room for other electronic equipment. The panels comes in single, twin, triple and quad formats.
    • Helm Master® EX is an industry-first fully integrated digital boat control system that delivers next level control over your boat for increased boating and fishing enjoyment. Now available for single and multiple outboard engine applications.      
    • Yamaha offers a range of rigging options to suit every boat. Check out the full suite of controls, gauges, switches, props and other technologies, plus outboard performance data.          
    • The CL5 is the control centre for all of the Helm Master® EX functions including Autopilot, SetPoint, steering and other adjustments. It is also suitable for all of Yamaha’s Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) engines and can monitor up to four outboards.  Its sophisticated, modern design features intuitive operation and matches the latest boat console trends, while its compact size leaves more room on the console for other electronics.
    • Completely redesigned with greater ergonomic comfort and new capabilities, including: Speed Control (push-button up or down), Pattern Shift (for slower than idle speed trolling), Neutral Hold (for engine warm up or additional charge for batteries), Station Selector (for selector more then one helm) and Engine Trim.
    • In addition to all the features on the single handle digital electronic control, the twin handle control also provides: Single Lever control (for controlling multiple engines with one lever), Centre Engine select (for selecting the centre engine only on triple and quad outboard set-ups) and the ability to Trim all or each individual engine separately.
    • The buoyant wireless keyless remote (push-button) allows for keyless start/stop push-button ignition, and is an on/ off device for Yamaha’s Y-COP® anti-theft system. It allows for one-touch starting while at the helm and can unlock/lock ignition from up to five metres away. The keyless remote floats and is water resistant. Two keyless remotes are provided with each Helm Master® EX Electronic Key Switch panel only.
    • Yamaha’s exclusive TotalTilt™ function allows for the complete tilt up or down of the outboard from any position with a simple double push of the Up or Down trim/tilt buttons. The new bracket allows the engine to tilt higher out of the water, helping to lessen the potential for corrosion, while the built-in tilt limiter automatically stops the engine tilt at a predetermined set point. 
    • Yamaha’s variable trolling control allows the skipper to precisely adjust the engine’s idling speed from 600 to 1000 RPM in 50 RPM increments. The ability to finely tune the trolling speed allows fisherman to perfect their lure presentation when chasing different species of fish.
    • The 'drive-by-wire' throttle and shift offers the driver simple, smooth and precise operation.    
    • Yamaha's bolt-on Digital Electric Steering (DES) can be added to all Digital Electronic Control engines including F225, F250 and F300. Delivers a smoother, faster and more precise steering, with additional capabilities. Removes need for steering pumps, hoses, hydraulic lines and bleeding procedures, resulting in a cleaner and less cluttered bilge area. 
    • Redirects exhaust bubbles away from the prop when operating in reverse and under 2500rpm, resulting in cleaner water for greater prop grip and significantly improved thrust. This is handy for navigating around marinas and docks,  reversing onto your catch and when combined with the Helm Master Ex joystick boating control system. 
    • This optional system for twin and triple installations automatically synchronises engines to allow a simple one-touch start and stop capability, for ease of use. 
    • Inspired by Yamaha's V8 XTO 425, the strong lines and more aggressive styling reflects the awesome power and performance, while maintaining Yamaha's sleek, compact and premium look. The one-piece top cowling with water-draining air duct moulding, includes a new bottom cowling and apron shape and raised chrome graphics on the built-in Digital Electric Steering (DES) models.
    • Even after a decade of proven on-water performance in the harshest working conditions and marine environments, the new 4.2 litre V6 Offshore lower unit has received additional engineering improvements. New components and design features enhance the lower units legendary reliability and durability, further increasing operator confidence.
    • The all-new V6 Offshore is fully compatible with Yamaha's cutting-edge Helm Master EX boat control system, for a truly effortless boating experience. The full system combines Yamaha's ‘drive-by-wire’ Digital Electronic Control (DEC), integrated Digital Electric Steering (DES), premium CL5 multifunction display, feature-packed autopilot and full manoeuvrability joystick. 
    • This new warning light feature is optional for V6 Offshore outboards that have been installed with the full Helm Master EX boat control system. The light mounts directly to the outboard rather than the transom, for an integrated look and finish. The warning lights indicate the boat is actively in one of the Helm Master EX SetPointTM modes.
    • We take out the guess work in buying a new outboard, by rigorously testing our engines on Australia's most popular boat brands. See how the F225 performs for acceleration, fuel economy and top-end speed on your favourite boat.
    • Yamaha's ongoing weight-saving program has delivered an innovative in-bank exhaust system, with the manifold integrated into the cylinder head. Along with other weight-saving technologies and materials, helps to create a supremely compact and light engine design.
    • The plasma fusion process creates a cylinder wall surface that is 60% harder than steel, removing the need for conventional steel cylinder sleeves. The removal of these sleeves significantly reduces weight while increasing capacity in the engine, resulting in an improved power-to-weight performance.
    • The electronic throttle valve provides sure and more precise valve opening and closing according to each engine temperature and atmospheric condition. This system works in tune with the fuel injection and ignition systems, to deliver incredible response and exceptional fuel economy.
    • The Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) advances and retards the camshaft timing according to the engine RPMs. This in combination with the electronically controlled single throttle valve system and long intake manifold boosts low and mid-range torque for optimum acceleration.  
    • Featuring plasma-fused, sleeveless cylinders, double overhead camshafts (DOHC) and four valves per cylinder, these 4.2 Litre advanced V6 engines are extremely light, powerful and fuel efficient.
    • Flushing your outboards has never been easier thanks to the introduction of the all-new dual flush system option.  The engine flush hose can now be routed through a new rigging grommet inside the rigging tube, which means automatic or manual on-board engine flushing systems can be used with ease. In addition, all V6 Offshore outboards still feature a built-in external flush attachment.
  • Specifications

    • F225XCB
    • X: 640 [25.2] | U: 767 [30.2]
    • X: 263 | U: 268
    • 42
    • 24 Valve DOHC with VCT Direct Action 60° - V6
    • 4169
    • 96 x 96
    • 5000-6000
    • Marine Outboard
    • Wet-sump
    • EFI
    • TCI
    • Electric
    • 12V-70A with Rectifier Regulator
    • Digital Electronic Control (DEC)
    • Power Trim & Tilt with TotalTilt™
    • Optional
    • Optional
    • 1.75 : 1 (Counter Rotating Prop Available)
    • 3